Appointments can be made by telephoning 01382 644466 or by calling in person at the reception desk. The phone lines tend to be busy at 8.00am. So if you just need a routine appointment, we would advise you to telephone after this time.

We have three different types of appointment available. Patients have the right to see the doctor of their choice but this is not always possible.

  1. Routine (or pre-bookable) - these appointments are for non-urgent and regular reviews, eg contraception advice. We limit these to three weeks in advance to avoid patients failing to attend.
  2. Same day - these appointments are only bookable on that day and no choice of doctor will be offered, if you wish a specific doctor you will need to pre-book an appointment.  Each partner has between four and seven of these available every day. Please note that these appointments are very popular and taken very quickly, so do telephone at 8.00am or as soon as possible after.
  3. Emergency - All emergency appointment requests will be triaged by the nurse and these appointments are for very urgent and emergency situations that require to be seen quickly. Please note: abuse of these appointments can have serious implications for those who really need them.

The nurses also run an appointment system and you will need to make an appointment to see them.

Please try to attend your appointments. About 5% of appointments are lost due to patients failing to attend. We appreciate that anyone can forget, but if you are unable to attend, please try to telephone and let us know as soon as possible so that we can use the appointment for someone else.


We are monitoring the amount of patient DNA's (did not attend appointments) and we will write to patients who continually fail to attend.  Those patients who do not attend without cancellation or warning may risk a letter from the Practice and possible removal if continuing to DNA. These appointments could have been used by another person.

If you turn up more than a few minutes late for your appointment we will then need to find out if you can be fitted in between other patient appointments, which may not be possible. You may be asked to make a new appointment. Occasionally where it may be possible to fit you in this may have to be at the end of the doctors surgery.  This is not intended as a punishment as we will try to see you at your appointment time but if you have missed your slot then the next patient will still be due their appointment. If you do attend more than 10 minutes late you will be asked to make a new appointment. It is essential that you attend any emergency appointment at the correct time. The doctors will have house calls or other commitments to attend to and will not be able to wait.

We will always try to provide an appointment with your doctor of choice, but this may not always be possible due to illness, holidays and other commitments.

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